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HAQ KI AWAAZ takes a privilege to welcome you in its world. We were established with the sole object to bring social changes and reforms in this discriminative society. Being an Indian citizen ‘we the people’ of Anti Corruption family recognize our responsibilities towards society and eagerly involve in brining reformation in the society which is still ill from social maladies. We exist in the society to encounter the various problems and conflicts of the society which is pushing us back from the way of development.

Your small contribution makes the world a better place!

We help Children and poor people are at high risk of severe malnutrition & no education

Medical Help

Provide health and medical who are deprived of these remote ruraland agency areas.

Clean Water

We provide robust health and nutrition benefits to the children coming from the most marginalised communities.

Education Help

We help children with limited means get access to quality education, with a focus on street children and girls.

Food Help

Children can’t wait for help in the times of crisis. We work to help children move past the trauma of a disaster and rebuild their lives.
We establish, conduct and manage (all Mediums English, Hindi & Urdu ) K.G.,Child Nursery and Play Group, Primary and Secondary Schools, Colleges, professional and technical institutions imparting primary, pre—primary, secondary, higher secondary, graduate and post graduate education in all branches ofArts, Science, Commerce, Agriculture, Law, Vocation, Poiitics, Literature, Religion, Culture, Fine Arts, Crafts,10urnalism, Engineering, Medicines, information Technology & Education college such as D.Ed., B.Ed., B.P.Ed.,

18,500 Raised of 25,000 Goal

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To conduct research studies on the social a economic conditions of people with a view to involving ways and means for their development within their social historical frame works and to seek promotion of rural development such as provision of drinking water rural industrialization as well as Public Convenience for people.

Food Poor Children

To provide all kinds of help to poor people by providing them education, Medical help, health check up making arrangement for their needs, food, shelter, sports, entertainment and culture activities. publishing of Educational Books, Literature.To rehabilitate child labour, street children, orphans to sensitize them on their rights.

Provide health check-up

To establish / run / manage hospitals, health centres, mobile health clinics, research centre to provide health care, counseling and referral services for all kinds of illness and deceases, fight against HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases and provide various medical services such as organizing health and awareness camps of Motherhood and Child Care

Education Poor Children

To establish and run the schools (Nuresry, Primary and Matriculation etc.) for the welfare and uplift of the needy children.To work with special concentration for the Child & Women Welfare and take up Health, Educational and Welfare programmes for needy Women and children on priority, technology, trust and other fields.

Old Age Homes

We will establish old age home (vruddhashram) for senior citizen, Boarding House for poor and needy children orbhanage and, other Social activity etc.

Traditional Indian therapies

We promote traditional Indian therapies and alternative system of medicine like Yoga, Unani, Naturopathy, Meditation, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Massage, Therapy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Reiki etc.

Arrangements for ambulance

We Trying to Make arrangements for ambulance or other motorized or non motorized transport to crime victims such as acid attack rape etc in need medical treatment at the time of emergency.
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To provide education to the poor children

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