About us


HAQ KI AWAAZ takes a privilege to welcome you in its world. We were established with the sole object to bring social changes and reforms in this discriminative society. Being an Indian citizen ‘we the people’ of Anti Corruption family recognize our responsibilities towards society and eagerly involve in brining reformation in the society which is still ill from social maladies. We exist in the society to encounter the various problems and conflicts of the society which is pushing us back from the way of development. We are eager to provide you social security services; social education so that every citizen of the country can avail its basic fundamental rights and can fight against the hindrance which comes in the way of their success. In addition, we are as the warrior social service provider in India. Our Trust Objective are to Clean India from corruption, Educate Childrens, Keep cities clean, Crime free India, United India and Peaceful India.


Motive of HAQ KI AWAAZ TRUST’s Establishment

It is a matter of pleasure that ‘’ HAQ KI AWAAZ TRUST” is registered as an NGO in the Registration Department of Home capital Delhi on 16th September 2019. Since then it is working very well in several fields of welfare. Its primary & essential motive is to unite Indian inhabitants for the development of India through increasing positive thinking among them. Similarly they should be provided justice, equality, education, livelihood and all fundamental rights those are necessary for one Indian resident without any discrimination of cast and creed as well as they should be kept away from corruption and violation which is a very dangerous ill for the nation.

It is important to say that HAQ KI AWAAZ TRUST fight from day one to stabilize the labor union so that they will accomplish their expenditures very well and eradicate poverty with appropriate compensation. It wants there to be a peaceful atmosphere in India and the hatred environment must be rooted out anyhow. Its focus is to develop the brotherhood, friendship and patriotism based culture in India. Because our country cannot progress toward becoming a developed country unless we unite to serve its resident’s needs massively. Our little positive action in regard to moving a welfare drive accomplishing their needs will prove a great instant for other intellectuals who want to do something better for them. As you are aware, the scene of lockdown was very scary, that numerous people were stuck everywhere. At that time they had an immense need to get food, milk and ration. Therefore Haq ki awaaz trust helped thousands of needy and stuck people in lockdown and distributed them ration and meal. Now our country is confronting the contagious disease Noble Corona virus. While a large number of Covid19 affected patients have been recovering. Only 4th percent is suffering from the pandemic. We should appreciate all warriors who are doing their jobs in a good manner for vaccinating the nation rapidly. I would like to request to all those who did not vaccinate please take it as soon as possible.

Our Mission and Goals

1. To Provide Skill Training and Start-up for skill development centre under Health sector skill council (HSCC), NSDC, UGC and other vocational training pourses focusing on Healthcare Education and medical sciences Training activities including Allied health Laboratory science courses.

2. To establish, conduct and manage (all Mediums English, Hindi 8: Urdu ) K.G.,Child Nursery and Play Group, Primary and Secondary Schools, Colleges, professional and technical institutions imparting primary, pre—primary, secondary, higher secondary, graduate and post graduate education in all branches ofArts, Science, Commerce, Agriculture, Law, Vocation, Poiitics, Literature, Religion, Culture, Fine Arts, Crafts,10urnalism, Engineering, Medicines, information Technology & Education college such as D.Ed., B.Ed., B.P.Ed., B.P.E.., M.D.,
Management courses, D. Pharmacy, B. Pharmacy, Dental & Medical College, Agricuiture college, Animal Husbandry College ,courses and training programme, Nursing Courses and paramedical College , Open university Programme like IGNOU, and Farmer Development Programme and backward class development programs, and Computer and Technical, Paramedical courses, Heatlh Tourism and Hospital management programs etc.

3. To provide scholarships and financial assistance for economically backward students of society and organize awards, prizes distribution programs for financialy deprived or otherwise for the poor, needy and deserving students, handicaps / individuals. To subsidies or reimburse traveling expenses, or cost of boarding and lodging to students, who need to travel, in order to advance their educational skills
To bring other schoiars from around the g1obe and provide a forum for academic, spiritual and social development.

4. To establish centre for international licesing for medical MBBS/MD/DNB and paramedical (BMLT, Nursing, Pharmacy) exams. To conduct Medical Training and ministry of Health (MOH) International Licensing and certification exams for doctors, nurses and paramedical laboratory practitioner for UAE and other middle eastern countries and provide assistance for their recmitement, job assistance and
address griviences of Indian medical professionals outside India
5. To make up efforts for the education, welfare and developmentof women, children and backward community in both urban and rural areas throughout the country.

6. To establish old age home (vruddhashram) for senior citizen, Boarding House for poor and needy children orbhanage and, other Social activity etc.

7. To establish Skill DeVelomee’n’tfi‘erehtre, Vocational Training Centre, Entrepreneurships Centers such as Accelerators and Incubation Centres for Innovative Concepts and other institutions in the field of health ‘scineces, commerce , career development and training for the students.

8. To establish / run / manage hospitals, health centres, mobile health clinics,research centres and laboratories to provide health care, counseling and referral sefvices for all kinds of diseases.

9. To promote traditional Indian therapies and alternative system of medicine like Yoga, Unani, Naturopathy, Meditation, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Massage, Therapy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Reiki etc.

10.T0 Integrate and bridge gap of Madrasa education by establishing and managing Minority institute Madarsas for aalim, faazil and other Madrasa board courses and integrate Madrasa students with English education system by providing skill training and computer education to bring them in mainstream of Indian education system and empower them to contribute to the growth of India by admitting them in Higher Educational open Universities recognized courses like IGNOU run by Central/State government.

11.To develop and promote charitable activities for promotion and popularization of different forms of Art, Dance, Music, Sports, Science and Literature among the public at large including opening of Schools, Center, Natyasthal, Computer Education Center, Online/Offline Coaching Center for board Students and Online/Offline coaching centers for all competitive exams etc.

12.To Make arrangements for ambulance or other motorized or non motorized transport to crime victims such as acid attack rape etc in need medical treatment at the time of emergency.

13 To open and run skill development and enterperuership institutes/ centres PAN India level

14.To establish and run Primary/Secondary/Senior Secondary Schools/Higher Institutes, paramedical college and Universities for rural education and empowerment for all backward sections inciuding Minorities on pan-l’ndia level.

15.1‘0 provide online/offline assessment certification afier the assessment of the candidate.

16.To conduct Science/Maths/English, IELTS, TOEFL, national and international level competitive including foreign Ministry of Health Exams,
IAS/IPS/Railway, NEET and other medical exit exams.

17.To establish Agriculture University to promote techniques of agricultural sciences, soil/seeds/khad/pesticide /Chemicals etc.

18.To open motor training centre for awareness youth promote rules of Transport and Road Sign and establish motor training college direction by Transport Department.

19 All the income earning, movable immovab1e property of the trust shall be solely utilize and applied to the promotion of the main aims object only as set forth in the memorandum of the trust and no pr’o-fitthereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly in any manner whatsoever to the trustees of the trust.

20. To promote/improve and tap rura1 talent for innovation rural skills utilization.

21. To organize sports and other mdian Atheleties events for youth empowerment

22 10 encourage and estainsh sports events for physicai weil being and youth. devepment and college/lnstitutions/ground for Cricket, Hockey, Volleyball, Football, Badminton, Kabaddi, Table Tennis, Archery, Kho Kho and Ground Race

23. To improve cultural,educational and social condition of the people undertake multidisciplinary programs and work for democracy, good governance, realization ‘ of human rights, international peace, justice and cooperation.

24. To provide protection and shelters for acid survivor for crime Victim such as rape, domestic violence and women upliftment activities across India.

25. To work with Partners and stakeholders towards elimination of acid and other form of burn Violence.

26. To undertake the programs of poverty eradication, vocational training, self help groups formation and create employment opportunities for weaker sections of the society including community based rehabilitation.

27. To help poor and indigent persons in marriages of their sons and daughters by way of cash donation or otherwise and to distribute clothes, food and other necessaries of daily life amongst the poor, orphan and indigent persons.

28. To training centers such as fishery, poultry, guttery and other animal husbandry skills with the objectives to train young persons of minority and otherwise handicapped classes. Such efforts are for the purposes of equipping these persons with skills to enable them to obtain self employment or employment with other persons and thereby assist in combating the problems relating to unemployment.

29. To undertake ambulance service for animal in distress, cow shelter houses for looking after the animals, birth control and immunization of stray dogs, relief to animals during natural calamities and unforeseen circumstances

30. To undertake the programs of women empowerment, Strengthening of boarding and hostei facilities for girls and boys, Family counseling, capacity building, self employment, removal of gender discrimination, promotion of khadi, handicraft and cottage industry and employment creation.

31. To create awareness against corruption and help the people to raise legal demands and fundamental rights provided by ‘Constitution of India’ and take up effective, but reasonable and lawful steps for the eradication of corruption in the society.

32. To work for society upliftment and promote economic and development activities for the benefit of backward sections among the minorities communities especially occupational groups and women.

33. To undertake for empowerment of the poor/helpless women through small loans for income generation activities .for asset creation and thrift or small savings from borrower’s own resources and form, self help groups (SHG) through the process of social mobilization, training and Capacity building.

34. To take up effective but reasonable & lawful steps for eradication of social evils such as Dowry System, Child Marriage (Bal Vivah), Child Labor, Wastage of money in the various functions and use oflintoxication drugs/wine/smoke etc.

35. To Co—operate /associate with theelocal National or Nationa1 Institutions organizations /Associations /Foundations/ Trust/Societies/ Agencies having the same objectives as laid down by our organization.

36. To oraganize public health seminars hold, sponsor, organize conferences, seminars, youth camps, retreats, study classes and meeting for the general awareness among population population.

37. To accept grants, contributions, donations, subscription and land for the propagation of the aims and objectives of the organization from state and central Govt. /Foreign govt. /institutior1s /organizations/ associations/ Trust/ foundations /societies/individuals and other foreign sources.

38. To undertake vocational training in the field of Craft, carpentry, watch repairing, diesel pumpset repair, rural engineering, steel furniture making, gemcutting, leather art, dari making, food preservation, block printing, electrician, tie and die, auto driving, Plumbing, photography, motor driving.

39. To provide monetary and or other relief and or social activities for Victims of famine, flood, earthquake and other relief work, helping the Victims of natural calamities and other activities in a manner which will help and uplift the community in general.

40. To approach and encourage people to donate blankets, clothes, cooking ‘ utensils cutlery, crockery and articles for daily use to homeless men, women and children of any caste, creed nationality, sex religion or community.

41. To establish, maintain or grant aid for the establishment or maintenance of wells tube-wells tanks water reservoirs trees and also to construct and maintain paths: roads, khadanja, bridges, sewerage, building and other institutions which are used by the general public.

42. To take up effective reasonable and lawful measures for addressing problems, affecting the blind, mentally handicapped, deaf, dumb and other disabled persons by providing for them facilities, such as technical schools, to promote their future independence as well as offering them protection and promoting their advancement.

43. To start and run coaching and training study courses of four and five years duration comprising theory and practical for exploration of Medicine. The successful candidates shall be awarded and given recognition of their achievements as per laid down norms of the HAQ Kl AWAAZ.

44. To establish, run, manage and maintain schools with the objective of providing nursery, pre primary, primary, middle, secondary, senior secondary and higher education to children and students by seeking recognition and affiliation With the education departments already in existence by the government.

45. To offer co-operation and actively engage in’educational instruction, spiritual development, promote cultural understandingl’and offer assistance and support. The Trust is to, as far as possible, respond to the invitation of such bodies concerned, to help in all possible ways, in keeping with the objectives of the Trust.

46. To establish and maintain institutions for the handicapped, blind, deaf. Dumb, poor, minorities, backward classes and other needy people. It is the aim .of the organization to provide training in household skills, semi skilled jobs and the like, as well as providing them with other facilities such as hostels, medical aid, food, clothing, transport and sustenance so as to assist them to estab1ish new business.

47. To advise and provide information and education and medical advice to the general public as well as patients who are diagnosed as being terminally ill.

48. To establish set up, run, promote maintain, finance and support clinics and establish centers for medical diagnostic laboratory, curative and research and development facilities for public health diseases: Cancer T.B., HlV/AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

49. To establish clinics and centers for the awareness of family planning education among men & women. To educate parents for pre-natal, post natal, breast feeding and other parenting skills.

50. To offer assistance to mothers in the care of newly born children and offer advice and care in situations where pre—natal and post-natal depression and other related symptoms arise.

51. To offer services to women of the general public in matters relating maintaining general health and hygiene of women. To offer instruction to men and women on matters relating to family planning, sexual hygiene, contraception, sexually transmitted diseases and other related medical matters

52 To provide care board and lodging, education and guidance to street children and prostitutes; who are dependent on these means for daily living.

53. To provide integrated community based non institutional basic services for the care protection and development of street children, child labor, distressed women, disadvantaged youth including teen parents and their children facing destitution, neglect, abuse and exploitation and promote qualities such as resourcefulness, initiatives and self reliance.

54. To make arrangements for ambulance or other motorized or non—motorized transport to victims of illness, accidents, crime or other persons of the general public in need medical treatment.

55. To erect, open, establish, maintain, manage, support, contribute to or assist charitable hospitals, dispensaries, blood banks, eye bank, pathology diagnostic lab, ambulance services, nursing colleges, maternity homes and other like institutions for the benefit of any person or persons regardless of gender, community, caste, creed, race or nationality.

56.To facilitate and support efforts of socially, physically and naturally challenged persons especially women,chi1dren and adolescents to improve their social,educationa1 and economic status through provrsion of technology and resources.

57. To create awareness about var10us’soma1 issues like child labor bonded labor, alcoholism, mental health 1ssues disability, domestic Violence, human rights Violation poverty, health and hygiene; unemployment, begging, trafficking, HlV/ALDS, leprosy, cancer and- all other issues affecting people’ s harmonious living

58. To Establish, Contract, Tender; Operate or Manage Engage and Carry out activities of collective tenders; projects, schemes and programmes aimed at Preventing terrorism for betterment of the community in general.

59. To promote urdu language community policing, by linking up the community with security Personnel for better co- operation and crime crack down.

60. To provide free legai consultancy, free support for Jail Prisoners and provide them bail guarantor

61. To encourage participation in projects of re-afforestation, cleaning and maintenance of clean waterways, control of air pollution etc. Organization of camps, seminars, gatherings and adopting other teaching skills on management and preservation of the pollution free environment.

62. To promote plantation drive in Rural, Urban, road side, NHAI, field ground boundaries, own land and farmers land boundaries etc.

63. To promote/ improve Kitchen, Modern, Vegetable Garden, and Organic Fertilizers etc.

64. To encourage trust to become more anti-pollution aware by granting awards, certificates etc for special efforts exercised by them in pollution control in residential, industrial and rural areas.

65. To promote regional arts and crafts made by challenged people of different ‘ regions of India and undertake resource mobilization, provision of technical and technological inputs through design implementation and monitoring of programs related to small enterprise establishment, management training and outreach

66. To assist in developing effecting communication between Government. Semi—Government, National and National Agencies etc. and the general public. To collectinformation, notices etc from these sources and provide it to the members of trustand the general public.

67. To approach competent courts of law and to safeguard the rights of the general public as the needs arises.

68. To receive financial and 11on—financial assistance from the Government, the Non-Government organization. National and Inter National Agencies, Banks and any other legal entity or individual.

69. To organize and raise fimds, including to obtain donations from the Presidential funds, Prime minister funds , Chief ministers funds, Member of Parliament funds, Member of Legislative funds; and various beneficial funds as announced by the concerned government.

70. To hold lease on-otherwise gain possession of any kind of moveable 01 immovable property and sell or exchange the same and /or utilize the proceeds for the benef t of the Trust.

71. To open and maintain offices, banking and other communication servicesin any part of the Union Teritory of India for the carrying out of the aims and objects of the Trust.

72. To use television, radio literature Internet, correspondence courses satellite or satellite disk or other apparatus, Including Internet connection etc for the purpose to educate trust in understanding welfare, community health, development, spiritual appreciation, family life, human rights and a lifestyle that Will help improve the trust in general.

73. To receive Indian or foreign volunteers with various skills to assist help, aid and participate to fulfill the obj ects of the Trust

74. To create a sense and feeling of brotherhood, co—operation, mutual harmony, mutual reciprocity, love and affection amongst the members of the trust as well as amongst the general race.

75. To promote an atmosphere for educating the human beings about to cultivate and to protect their human rights sine qua non for the smooth functioning of the organs of a state and for the ultimate development that would be the resultant of overall and ultimate development of the trust as a whole.

76. To train the youths to increase the level of tolerance of facing the challenges of the pluralistic trust and also to raise voice against the increasing conflicts and tensions in the name of particularistic loyalties to caste, religion, region and culture etc.,

77. T0 Established and manage university. colleges in the field of Medical, Nursing, Dental, Pharmacy Law, B.Ed Management Residential School/Non residential school hostel and Industrial Trainhlg Institute.

78. To protect the people from violation of Human rights by the Police Authorities, J ail Authorities and other law enforcing agencies of the entire trust.

79. To arrange, promote and manage the training institutions in disaster management, Art; Culture, Language, Tradition, Yoga, Spiritualness, Typing, Short Hand, Computer, F ine Art, Crafts, Music, Painting , historical place of interest, Physical Education and in several professional trainings for the benefit of general public to strengthen the spine of the trust.

80. To open, found, establish, promote, set up, run, maintain and manage Pio. Dharamshala, Night/Day Shelters, Old Age Homes, Orphanage, Health Care Centers, Charitable Dispensaries, Hospitals, Libraries, Reading Rooms, Play Grounds, Stadiums (both open and indoor), Yoga Training Centers, Gymnasiums, Sangeetalay & Naritalay (music and dance training centers) Research Centers and other buildings/institutions.

81. To arrange and Organize Eye and Blood donation camps.

82. To organize seminaxs, discussions and awareness programs against the tobacco and the banned drugs.

83. To built safeguards against legislative supremacy and executive arbitrariness to protect Fundamental Rights and Duties as provided by the Constitutions of India.

84. To raise voice against illegal detention, torture in the custody if committed by any police personal, in that ease the organizatitm will take affective measures and also affective legal steps before the appropriate authority and also to draw the attention of the Hon’ble Supreme Court (of India as wall as the Hon’ble High Court of the concerned state and also to assist those distressed people to make smooth way to reach before the appropriate authority as Well as appropriate forum and if any legal assistance required to any captive person, the trust has the power to entered/Visit. into any jail custody/Police lock up cu’stgdy ‘thtoughout the India to enquire, to look into the subject that if any person “Wonglyfbadly, illegally treated by the authority concern, in that case if suomoto can enquire according to law, into thethat matter as well as bring the curse before the light of the legal arena to protect the tune of peace
. throughout the world. .

85. To protect the life and liberty of the citizen in the process of maintaining balance of power amongst the three organs of the state i.e. Legislature, Executive and judiciary.

86. To launch campaigns and organize seminars for clean and green environment by way of plantations and also to help the people to make them understand regarding the aspects of Global Warming and how to prevent the same.

87. To extend the support for financial security, care, shelter, welfare and other needs of the elderly people. Provide protection against abuse and exploitation; make available opportunities for development of their potential and expertise so that they can improve the quality of their lives in front of the trust.

88. To establish marketing linkages for product of the rural poor group and assist them in research and development related activities.

89. To assist the poor for working in new areas of animal husbandry, Dairy development, agriculture and rural development sectors.
‘ 90. To develop human resources and their livelihood promotion through training programs based on social needs and to open free library

91 To establish and develop institutions for the SC/ST, physically handicapped and disabled or mentally retried persons and to provide them proper education as well as proper assistants.

92. To conduct, undertake to conduct of and participating regional, national, and National exhibition, seminars, conferences, workshops on rural development and water save and water reserve program and economy as well as protection of human rights.

93. To undertake promotion and development of small rural technologies, micro enterprises, watershed management, waste land/other unutilized resources development, construction of water towers, tube wells and disinfecting of water by chlorinating for making safe drinking water available to the people including integrated remote rural development and all activities of public health engineering.

94. To establish a crime control cell at every districts, blocks and Villages where people discuss their problem and we can help them with the coordination of local police.

95. The aforesaid organization is a purely excess of income over expenditure and social welfare body to look after the social, educational, medical activities as emerge due to various social problems and preservation of pure drinking water, water tanks, and also for the purpose to create a green world; various types of water preservation proj ects at its highest level should be or§éhized by this organization.

96. To provide confidence, hope, dignity ,and strength and to promote principles of Participation, Empowerment and Sustainability to those people who are socially and economically weaker section of the trust.

97 To engage in such activities which prove the necessary medical facilities to every class of the trust and community?

98. To engage and encourage in the activities of research and development for the welfare of the Trust and also for mankind.

99. To facilitate the works for the publication of newsletters, research papers, house magazine and have a journal for the exposition of the objects and activities of the Trust.

100. To start, takeover, establish, support, maintain and administer Hospitals/Nursing homes for the help of those people who are socially and economically weaker and those who are handicapped or who are suffering from infectious disease for the purpose of serving humanity.

101. To promote family planning in the rural areas where there is still unawareness on this issue and also engaging in the activities necessary to attain the objects.

102. To undertake intensive research, training and survey for increasing production and quality of agriculture, floriculture, horticulture, serieulture, worlny culture, aqua culture and other tiny small and medium industries

103. To organize symposium, competitions, seminars on drama, dance, music, and various entertainment programmes and develop literary affairs through establishing & maintaining libraries, study centers & publishing monthly magazines/research magazine and brochures. ,

104. To protect the interest of the trust, organization may pass information, related to the Human Rights matters to the Electronic Media as well as print media regarding awareness of Human Rights.

105. To organize campaigning and awareness programs in India as well as at the National periphery against the water pollution and all other water related problems.

106. To organize campaigning and awareness programs in India against the honking and other sound related pollutions.

107. To set up a team to protect the women and child trafficking.