Volunteer Registration Form

Rules & Regulation for Our New Member

  1. I/We will be actively participating in national development and welfare. Social works for the people and it will be our prime agenda. Aged above 14 years, any sex, caste, creed, religion persons (other than criminal record) are eligible to become members of our organisation.
  2. Outstanding performance, Contribution for the organisation, as per agenda by the member, will be highly recognized and he will be awarded at the time of functions on various occasions organized by our organisation. Members are requested to attend the functions without fail. Any Schemes and facilities provided to members by organisation will be eligible till the validity of membership.
  3. Any Member found to be involved in any criminal activity, National President can suspend terminate forfeit cancel the appointments, authorizations, membership of the member without any notice
    Any member should not be involving himself in any transactions which are not permissible under rules and regulation, acts of Government of India.
  4. Member should be on their own risk if they involve himself in any cash transactions, Political motivated favors, undue advantages from the beneficiaries, other members, public, other organisation etc. ID should be with Adress Proof viz Voter ID, Driving License, ESI Card, Employe ID Card etc. with the application form.
    Our Id Card will be issued from National Office only and should not be misused if found it will be forfeited and action will be taken strictly and will be prosecuted.
  5. Our organisation and our National President will not be responsible and answerable for any personal transactions dealings between members and others.
  6. The decision of the national president shall be final.
  7. All Claims disputes will be under New Delhi jurisdiction.